In Spring 2019 I visited Amsterdam for the first time, this was the perfect time as it was tulip season!
I loved the unusual architecture of the skinny buildings lining the canals, a contrast to the modern glass and steel offices I am used to in Glasgow. I loved the pops of colour on the streets by the flower beds filled with vibrant tulips.

This was outside the Rijksmuseum, the water feature was full of these planters filled with colour. I loved the contrast between the museum building and the tulips.

Traditional buildings reflected in a modern glass window.

Spotted outside a toyshop, this bear dipped its stick into the mixture and blew bubbles towards passers-by. I loved the whimsicalness of it, you wouldn't see something like this in the UK.

Tulips frame the canal as tall ornate houses line the opposite side.

Spotted this strong street art in an alcove, I thought it was cool. Love the colour scheme.

Taken at Keukenhof, the greenhouses were filled with hundreds of tulip varieties. This variety was my favourite because of its warming hues, it was called "World Peace".

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