For New Year 2018-2019, I visited Barcelona with my partner. We stayed in the heart of the city and explored the architecture each day we were there. I found the contrast between the old and new city buildings especially interesting.

Sunrise on the plane. I loved the smooth combination of pastel pinks and blue.

A long exposure of New Year's fireworks from our hotel rooftop.

I enjoyed the design of the Barcelona taxis. This taxi drives around a beautiful fountain roundabout.

There was a protest going on nearby one evening, I found their voices powerful.

We visited the harbour one clear day, I love the unusual shape of this lighthouse. You can see some air pollution from the city behind it, it's a shame it breaks the clarity of the sky.

This is the front of the Gaudi House Museum, unfortunately the queue was extremely long so we didn't get to go inside. I loved how intricate the exterior of the building was.

This is the Passeig de Picasso, I liked the repetition of the columns and pathway shapes as we walked through.

The view from the rooftop of our hotel. The Torre Glòries stands as a technological beacon above the gothic quarter of the city.

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