Like pinned butterflies in museum displays, studied species long gone, so too will be aspects of nature we take for granted if we keep destroying the environment.

My final major highlights parts of nature that have, or will disappear, using expressive typography, paired with informative and damning infographics.
I did an incredible amount of research to ensure all the data I presented was accurate. I delved deep into each topic to gain a strong understanding of the causes and repercussions of each, and to help explain terms viewers wouldn't be familiar with.
I intend these posters to be on display in museums, informing visitors of the decline of nature, paired with physical exhibits.
The expressive typography sits on the current state of the environment, showing a juxtaposition from a distance. ​​​​​​​
The typography is also in their respective local languages using their cultural writing techniques, giving a stronger tie to "local species".
I completed this project in Spring 2020, the start of the Covid pandemic. Due to this, I was never able to get this project printed, hopefully I can do that in the future! 
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