This infographic-focused brief asked for an exploration of a chosen word. I chose globe, and focused my
topic around the epidemic of Flat-Earthers.
I aimed to create a large poster shocking viewers with unbelievable facts about Flat-Earthers and what they believe.
The focus of the poster is of course the flat earth that they believe in, decorated with silly beliefs from around the world, and surrounded by facts and figures about the flat earth epidemic. The right side contains a "diy flat earther's globe", which can be cut and stuck together to make a 3D globe adorned with the illogical beliefs of the flat earthers. Bright and almost childish colours are used to show the humorous side of the topic.
The final poster is 891 x 420mm, the size of 3 A3s in a row. The poster was printed on Portrait Rag 285gsm from Deadly Digital, a soft-to-the-touch, creamy paper chosen to give a tactile feel for handling the 3D globe.

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